The word "rage" is used when someone is very angry.

In these sentences, "rage" is a noun:

  • The man was thrown into a rage when he saw that someone had vandalized his house.
  • Vanessa finally released the rage that had been pent up from several days without electricity.
  • The people felt a lot of rage following the attack on their town.
  • Road rage may result when one driver threatens another driver while in traffic.
  • Roger was enraged upon learning that his roommate broke his computer. (To enrage is to cause rage.)

rage He was enraged.

The word "raging" is an adjective:

  • A raging storm brought down several trees in our neighborhood.
  • Helen has a raging headache.
  • A raging bull ran towards the crowd.
  • The last Ironman movie was a raging success. (Sometimes the adjective "raging" means that something is very good or very extreme.)

It’s possible to use "rage" as a verb:

  • The crowd raged against the police.
  • Heavy rains caused the river to rage and rise above its banks.

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August 22, 2013