The word "adore" means to like or love something very much:

  • Parents adore their children.
  • Audiences adore Adele’s lovely voice.
  • Sandy says she adores her new house.
  • Ronald absolutely adores his new girlfriend.
  • They adored the neighborhood where they lived for 45 years.

The word "adorable" is an adjective. It’s often used when describing children, but it can be used to describe adults, animals, interior spaces, and objects:

  • Those kittens are adorable.
  • Brenda and Tom have three adorable children.
  • She’s so adorable.
  • Isn’t that adorable?
  • They have an adorable apartment.

The word "adoration" is a noun:

  • Sister Theresa’s adoration for her church is unwavering. (She will always love her church.)
  • A deep adoration for each other held the family together through difficult times.

adorable hotel on the Rhine  We stayed at an adorable little hotel on the Rhine River when we visited Germany.

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December 1, 2013