The word "boost" means increase. We use "boost" when something goes higher or when there is a need for more energy.

  • A strong cup of coffee can give you a much needed boost in the morning.
  • Spending on gifts for the holidays gives the economy a boost.
  • In the last half mile of the marathon, the runner felt a boost of energy.
  • Jeremy gave his four-year-old son a boost so that he could see the parade.
  • Eating vegetables and fruit will provide a boost for your overall physical health.
  • A Snickers bar gave me a boost of energy and temporarily relieved my fatigue as I was driving.

The word "boost" can also be used as a verb:

  • George bought something at Best Buy to boost his wifi signal.
  • Good grades in school boosted the young man’s confidence.
  • Fluency in English will boost earnings potential for workers in most countries.

The word "booster" can be an adjective or a noun. A booster is something that helps a thing or a person go higher.

  • booster rocketA booster rocket helps to get a space shuttle into orbit.
  • booster seatA booster seat is used in cars for small children who need a little more height while sitting.

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December 2, 2013