An office is a place where a company does business.


  • Dave works in an office.
  • Large corporations have offices all over the world.
  • Sarah was promoted at work, and now she has her own office. She used to work in a cubicle.*
  • Kevin doesn’t want to work in an office; he’d rather have a job working outside.

The word "office" is often used as an adjective before a noun:

  • There are a lot of office buildings in the center of the city.
  • Office jobs aren’t as easy to find as they once were.
  • Don is starting his own business, so he needs to get some office furniture.
  • He also needs to order some office supplies.
  • You’ll see a lot of office workers walking around downtown during lunchtime.

You can also use the word "office" when talking about a position in government that a person gets through an election:

  • Tina is thinking about running for office.
  • The office of Mayor is a highly sought-after position in cities like Chicago and New York.
  • Barack Obama holds the highest office in the country.

*cubicle: a work area surrounded by partitions or half walls. It includes a desk, a computer, filing cabinets, and storage space but there’s no door and it’s not private. Many office workers work in cubicles.

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December 16, 2013