The word "whiff" is similar to the word "smell," but encountering the smell may not be intentional. Instead, a whiff might be sudden and unexpected.

  • We caught a whiff of pizza and Italian food as we passed the pizzeria.
  • Did you get a whiff of that cologne? It stunk.
  • A strong whiff of the chemicals made the girl feel dizzy.
  • Here, get a whiff of this. Doesn’t it smell great?
  • A sudden whiff of skunk odor entered the car as we drove down the highway.


It’s also possible to use "whiff" as a verb, but it’s not very common:

  • The dog whiffed the air and caught the scent of a fox.
  • Travis couldn’t help but whiff several varieties of perfume as he walked through the entrance to Macy’s department store.

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