The word "block" is often used as a verb. To block is to stop or prevent an action.

simplepastpast participle
  • The police blocked off traffic on the street.
  • There’s a large box blocking the doorway.
  • Jill’s boss is blocking her promotion.
  • It’s illegal to block an emergency exit.
  • Something is blocking the drain, so now the water won’t go down.
  • A security guard blocked a group of protestors who wanted to enter the building.
  • The website is being blocked by the government.

When the word "block" is a noun, it has a few different meanings:

  • There are some nice houses and apartments on this block.

(A block can be a group of buildings on a street, or a group of buildings in a city.)

city block

  • Children like to play with blocks.
  • Many houses and buildings are made with concrete blocks.
  • The car is up on blocks.
  • Barbed wire is an effective block against an unlawful entry.
  • I went to the deli to buy a block of cheese.

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January 25, 2013