A blast is an explosion or some sort of strong force such as air, wind, or sound.

  • The blast of a rifle could be heard for miles around.
  • A loud blast awakened everyone in the middle of the night. The blast came from a factory explosion.
  • A blast from an air horn ended the game. airhornair horn
  • A blast of cold air hit us as soon as we left the store and walked out onto the snow-covered street.
  • The mayoral candidate was blasted by members of his own party for his participation in the scandal.
  • Loudspeakers were blasting music too loudly for anyone to talk to each other. (The last two sentences use "blast" as a verb.)

The word "blast" is also used when people have a good time.

  • We had a blast at the party.
  • The wedding reception was a blast.
  • That was a blast!
  • The trip we took was a blast.
  • This roller coaster is a blast!

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July 30, 2013