The word "insane" is an adjective that means someone has lost the ability to think logically. It’s similar to the word "crazy." However, we often use this word figuratively (The situation is exaggerated.). "Insane" can also describe a situation in which there is a large amount of a thing or a situation is unusual–whether it’s good or bad.

  • Bob says he’ll go insane if he stays at his current job.
  • His job is driving him insane. (But not really)
  • Kathryn Gillette makes an insane amount of money as the CEO of that company. (She makes a lot of money.)
  • Lines at the airport are insane at this time of year. (The lines are very long.)
  • The prices for food in this city are insane. (The prices are high.)
  • Man, this is insane! (This could be good or bad.)
  • That girl’s insane. (She does a lot of crazy things, but she not really crazy.)
  • You want me to do what? Are you insane? (Your request is unreasonable.)

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July 1, 2013