Depending on how you pronounce this word, it can have a few very different meanings.

When the stress or accent is placed on the first syllable, the word "object" refers to a thing.

  • That’s an interesting object.
  • There’s an unusual object floating in the water. What is it?
  • An unidentified flying object (U.F.O.) was spotted over the desert in California.
  • The main object of basketball is to put the ball through the hoop. (object = goal)
  • The object of his desire drove him crazy.

An object, it also an important part of a sentence. It receives the action of the verb:

  • The girl threw the ball. The word "ball" is the object in that sentence.
  • Can you find the object in a sentence or a question?
  • The words "me" and "them" are object pronouns. Do you know which pronouns are objects?

When the stress or the accent is placed on the second syllable, the word "object" means to indicate dissatisfaction with a situation:

  • The students objected to sitting in assigned seats.
  • Brenda had to object when she heard about the proposal.
  • I’m sorry, I object. That’s a really bad idea.
  • No one objected when the boss asked everyone to work a little later for extra pay.
  • Beautiful women object to being seen as objects.

Note: When this word is used as a noun to mean "goal," you can also use the word "objective." Sometimes this is a better choice:

What’s your main objective?

Our objective has been met.

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July 31, 2013