To observe is to watch, inspect, or witness something. It also means that a person follows a set of rules, laws, or a religious practice.

  • The police observed the suspect for several days before making an arrest.
  • You should observe the way they make pizza. It’s very interesting.
  • Children visited the museum to observe a new exhibit on dinosaurs.
  • The teacher was observed by the principal who evaluated her skills in classroom instruction.
  • At exactly 9:21 a.m. the country will observe a moment of silence for those who were killed in the tragedy.
  • Noah and his family observe most of the religious holidays according to their faith.

To use this word as a noun, add "ation" to the end of "observe" to form "observation."

  • The students made some interesting observations about what they had seen at the museum.
  • The suspect is under observation by the police.
  • Observations for teachers are scheduled for next month.
  • A strict observation of his faith meant that he could not work on Saturday.
  • The doctor wants her to come in for an observation.

A person who watches is an observer:

  • Observers at the trial noticed that the jury came to a quick conclusion regarding the defendant’s innocence.
  • Several observers told the police that they saw a man with a gun run into the house.
  • Observers with the United Nations were sent to North Korea to conduct inspections of nuclear facilities.

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June 9, 2013