To plant something is to put it into a place where it can grow. When used as a verb, "plant" is often associated with flowers, trees, shrubs, and grass:

  • We’re planting tomatoes in our garden.
  • Last year we planted asparagus.
  • My neighbor is planting a tree in his front yard.
  • What kinds of things do you like to plant?

planting a treeHe planted a tree.

You can also use "plant" as a verb for other activities:

  • The professor planted some new ideas in the minds of his students.
  • The defense attorney planted seeds of doubt among the jurors deciding the defendants’s fate.
  • Plant your foot before you throw the ball.
  • U.S. astronauts planted an American flag on the moon when they visited in the 1960s.

The word "plant" is also a noun:

  • Alonso and Marguerita bought some plants for their garden.
  • A nice house plant can add fresh oxygen inside your home.
  • A new automobile assembly plant was built recently in Tennessee. (plant = factory)
  • Workers protesting outside of the plant are asking for increased wages and better working conditions.

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June 2, 2013