To reach is to get or achieve something. You can use your hands to reach for something on a table, or you can become motivated enough to reach your goals. Sometimes "reach" is similar to the word "arrive." You can also use this word when trying to contact someone.

The word "reach" is often used as a verb:

(use of one’s hands / goal / arrive / contact)

  • Maria reached for a stack of plates in the kitchen.
  • Can you reach the top shelf, or do you need something to stand on?
  • Bill tried to reach across the table for a pen, but it was too far away.
  • The police officer reached for his gun.
  • The man on the beach reached out his hand and begged for help.

man reaching

"Please, help me!" begged the man.

  • Tanya hopes to reach her goal of becoming a lawyer within the next few years.
  • When you reach retirement, you should have enough money saved to live comfortably.
  • We won’t reach New York until late this evening.
  • The survivors of the boating accident reached dry land after several hours in the ocean.
  • I tried reaching you on your cell phone but you didn’t answer.
  • The best way to reach me is by email.

It’s also possible to use "reach" as a noun.

  • Excuse my reach. (People who work in restaurants often say this when reaching across a table directly in front of a customer.)
  • Her goals are within reach.
  • We’re within reach of our destination.
  • When the man made a reach for his gun, the police officer shot him.

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First published on June 3, 2013.