The word "rest" means to sleep or relax. It can be used as a noun or as a verb.

  • He needs a rest. (noun)
  • He usually rests after work in the afternoon. (verb)
  • He needs to rest. (infinitive)
  • After finishing this difficult work, the men will need a rest.
  • They’ll need to rest.
  • I haven’t gotten enough rest lately.
  • You need to rest more often.
  • You need more rest.

The word "rest" is also used as a noun when describing an amount of material, food, work, time, etc., that remains or is leftover:

  • We ate most of the fish. The rest of it we gave to our dog.
  • She couldn’t finish all of her meal, so her husband ate the rest of it.
  • Most of Bob and Cindy’s vacation was spent in New York; the rest of it was spent in Boston.
  • Bob remembered the first two minutes of the song, but he couldn’t remember the rest.
  • I can’t eat all of this. Do you want the rest?

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June 20, 2013