Directions: Choose the best words to complete each sentence. Use each word once.

 admit  big  certain  frequent  general   hazard  if  kook  land  luck  occasion   recent  silence  specific  unanimous    

1. Jose is hoping to __________ a new job in San Diego.

2. The decision by the jury was ___________: guilty.

3. The residents of the town were forced to move because of ___________ flooding from the river.

4. Driving well under the speed limit can sometimes pose a __________ on the highway. It’s safer to drive at the posted speed.

5. To __________ your mistakes is the first step in learning from them.

6. Amina couldn’t believe her ___________ when she got a letter stating that she had been chosen as a finalist in the contest.

7. After Wendy and Carl announced their engagement, a bottle of wine was opened to celebrate the ____________.

8. Following the shocking news report of mass casualties, there was total ____________.

9. Are you ___________ that you locked the car?

10. It’s not a matter of __________, but when they decide to move to another state.

11. The United States identified some very ___________ targets when it bombed Iraq in 2003.

12. ___________ trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night finally convinced Mathilda to make an appointment to see a doctor.

13. It was __________ of her to forgive the children were being mean and throwing things at her head.

14. No one paid attention to the man who was yelling in the street because everyone knew that he was a ___________.

15. An exclusive party held in the V.I.P. room of the hotel was not open to the ___________ public.


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