The word "book" is a noun that we use to talk about a large collection of written work. A book has a cover, and inside the book are pages made of paper. Books are usually published by companies. The person who writes a book is called an author.

  • I read a great book last week. (past tense)
  • How many books do you read every year? (present tense)
  • This book is now available at the bookstore.

You can also use the word "book" as a verb. In this case, it means to make a reservation.

past participle
  • Amy booked a flight from Miami to Chicago. She and her family are leaving next week.
  • Amy also booked a reservation online for her family of four at the Palmer House.
  • Have you ever booked a reservation online? it’s very easy to do.
  • I need to book a reservation for a party of twenty people at a restaurant.

As a verb, the word "book" is also used when doing bookkeeping work for a business:

  • Their company booked a profit for the first time last year.
  • The sales of some shares of stock will be booked at a loss of $10,000.

There are a few other uses for the word "book."

  • If information is on the books, it’s printed and available to read.
  • If you’re booking, you’re traveling fast or doing something very quickly. (Look at him go! He’s really booking!)
  • A bookie is a person who manages gambling bets, usually illegally.
  • A bookworm is a person who reads a lot of books.

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March 29, 2013