A client is a customer, but use the word "client" when a person purchases professional services. Lawyers, accountants, software companies, media firms, designers, etcetera, all use the word client when describing the person or the company with whom they’re working. If you are a business person, this is a good word to know.

  • Bob has a meeting with a client today, so he can’t dress casually as he usually does.
  • The lawyer won a large settlement for his client.
  • Franklin Templeton Investments provides financial services for its clients.
  • John Ashbacker consults with clients who need business advice.

The word "clientele" is related to the word "client." It refers to clients or customers.

  • The advertising agency that Sarah works for is trying to attract new clientele through Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Barbara’s Salon has a large clientele, many of whom are extremely wealthy.
  • The restaurant’s clientele includes a lot of famous celebrities and business people.

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March 25, 2013