The word "dunk" is used when food is lowered into (put down in) a liquid for added taste or when something or someone is submerged in water:

  • Some people like to dunk their donuts in coffee.

dunk donut
  • Others dunk their toast in the yolk of an egg prepared sunny side up.
  • A dunk tank is used at festivals and carnivals for the purpose of raising money. If you hit the target with a ball, the man is suddenly dunked in the water.
dunk tank
  • Basketball players often try to dunk the basketball through the net. If they jump high enough, they can push the ball downward to score two points.
  • He’s dunking the ball.
  • He’s making a dunk.
dunking a basketball

There’s also an expression that you might hear in the United States. If something is a slam dunk, it means that a person will get what he or she wants. Someone is successful at something:

  • The sale of the house was a slam dunk as soon as it went on the market.
  • Dan said his interview was a slam dunk. He thinks he’ll get the job.

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March 16, 2013