When used as a verb, the word "form" means to create or make:

  • It only takes two people to form a family.
  • Readers form opinions when they read a newspaper.
  • Snow forms in clouds and drops to the ground as small crystals of ice.
  • Joe, Scott, and Linda formed a band and toured the United States last year.
  • The government was formed after the election. (This sentence is in the passive voice.)
  • A triangle is formed with three sides and three angles.
  • Past tense questions are formed with the helping verb "did" and the main verb in the simple form.

When "form" is used as a noun, there are a few different meanings. In this next set of sentences, "form" is a shape or a category:


  • This sculpture is in the form of a person’s head.
  • A republic is a form of government.
  • Rock’n’roll is a form of music.
  • A microbe is a microscopic form of life. (It’s very small!)
  • The human body is remarkable for its strength and its form.

In the next set of sentences below, "form" is a document intended for legal purposes or for organizing something:

  • Jose filled out an application form when he applied for a job at a garden center.
  • Write your name on the form if you would like to volunteer.
  • Tax forms are available at your local library.
  • Forms online aren’t accepted if all the necessary information isn’t provided.

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March 24, 2013