A person who is a little crazy or eccentric might be called a kook. This is a slang word, but you can use it in many different situations.

  • There’s a man down the street who’s kind of a kook. He painted his house pink and green.
  • Sheila quit her job because her boss was such a kook she couldn’t stand it any longer.
  • When people get mad at members of Congress they say that it’s run by a bunch of kooks.
  • Tom admits to being a kook. It shows in his artwork.
  • That guy is a total kook when it comes to skateboarding. He does it all the time.

Add "y" to this word to form the adjective "kooky."

  • Victor has some kooky ideas about space travel and aliens.
  • Belinda says she’s feeling kind of kooky today.
  • Everyone thought that selling refrigerator magnets was a kooky idea for a business, but now it’s very successful.
  • The person hosting the Academy Awards ceremony this year was criticized for his kooky songs and insulting jokes.

Pay attention to the pronunciation of the double "o" in this word. It’s a long vowel sound. Compare it to the vowel sound in "cook."

cook / kook / cookie / kooky

Do you hear the differences?

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This page was first published on March 6, 2013. It was updated on February 4, 2017.