Directions: Choose the best words to complete each sentence. Use each word once.

bet   button  contribute  dough  experiment  fad  glad  guard   habit  lazy  material   operate  pad  plaid  promote   sad     type  

1. I’m __________ to help.

2. She has a very bad __________ of arriving late everywhere she goes.

3. What kind of ___________ did you use to make this bread?

4. If he weren’t so __________, he could get much better grades.

5. Kevin is not the ___________ of person who would steal something from a store.

6. The ___________ the teacher covered in class is online.

7. It’s necessary to ___________ with different kinds of methods in order to determine which one is the best.

8. There’s a ___________ missing from this shirt.

9. Most people thought the popularity of that fashion would last a bit longer, but it turned out to be just another ___________.

10. What do you want to ___________ she wins the race?

11. Does Renee know how to ____________ that kind of a vehicle?

12. ___________ yourself against pickpocketers in this city. They’ll steal your wallet without you even knowing it.

13. They ___________ a lot of time and energy to this cause.

14. My supervisor said that she wanted to ___________ me to a better position.

15. Bill finally has the bachelor ___________ that he’s always dreamed of.


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