The word "display" means to show or to exhibit.

In these sentences, "display" is a verb:

  • The store is displaying new clothes for summer.
  • This museum displays art created by local artists.
  • The U.S. displays its military strength through its armed forces positioned around the world.
  • Edith likes to display her wealth in order to make others envious.
  • Robert doesn’t like to display his emotions in public.
  • Olympic officials in Russia displayed the newly designed 2014 winter Olympic medals.

In these examples, "display" is a noun:

  • The store has a lot of new clothes on display.
  • The outdoor display attracted so much attention it caused a traffic jam.
  • A display of military force convinced North Korea to back down. (back down = withdraw; retreat)
  • Scantily clad girls on display at the beach are a common sight in the summer. (scantily clad = not a lot of clothes)
  • How much is the necklace that’s on display in the window?
  • A beautiful display of fabric attracted shoppers.

fabric a display of fabric

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May 30, 2013