Use the word "risk" when a situation is dangerous or when the outcome is not certain.

You can use this word as a verb:

simplepastpast participle
  • A man risked his life to save his son from drowning.
  • The family across the street risks losing their house to foreclosure.
  • Jim will risk losing a lot of money if he invests in that company.
  • He’s risking his own money.
  • Don’t risk your health by smoking.
  • Mary risks losing her job by taking so many days off.
  • A person who risks the lives of others is irresponsible.

This word is commonly used as a noun:

  • She takes too many risks.
  • John thought that working as a contractor in Iraq was worth the risk.
  • There’s very little risk of losing your money if it’s in the bank.
  • Robert is taking a big risk by starting his own business.
  • Risks associated with mountain climbing are well known.

To make the adjective form for this word add "y" to the end of "risk."

  • He’s engaging in risky behavior.
  • She made a risky decision.
  • This is too risky. Let’s not do this.
  • It’s risky to skate on thin ice.

thin ice

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May 28, 2013