A ton is a measurement of weight that is equal to 2000 pounds (907 kilograms). Trucks, equipment, materials, and loads are often described by how much they weigh. The word "ton" is also used to exaggerate the heaviness or something or when describing a large amount. Sometimes the word "ton" is similar to "a lot."

backpack  backpack  

  • My backpack weighs a ton. (It weighs a lot.)
  • Abdi says he has a ton of work to do. (He has a lot of work to do.)
  • There were tons of people at the event.
  • It took a ton of effort to get the job done, but we finally did it.
  • Kevin looks like he’s gained a ton of weight.
  • We got a ton of information at the conference.
  • Sofiya eats tons of ice cream, but she never gains any weight.
  • Tons and tons of debris were removed from the area where the tornado hit.
  • The dump truck weighs over 20 tons when it’s carrying a load.

truck dump truck

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May 26, 2013