The word "type" has a few different meanings. The first one we’ll concentrate on has to do with the formation of a category or a kind. In the examples below, "type" is a noun.

  • What type of car do you like to drive? (What kind of car do you like to drive?
  • She’s attracted to the type of man who is ambitious.
  • We like the type of pizza that they make.
  • Jeremy is not the type of person who would say mean things about his coworkers.
  • She’s not his type. (He isn’t attracted to her.)
  • He’s not her type. (She isn’t attracted to him.)
  • Don’t buy that printer cartridge. It isn’t the right type.
  • What type of ice cream do you like?

ice cream vanilla ice cream in a cone

When this word is used as a verb, "type" has a completely different meaning.

  • She’s learning how to type.
  • He typed out his answers to the questions.
  • Use a keyboard to type on a computer.
  • Typing is a good skill to learn. (The word "typing" is a gerund.)
  • I can type about 60 words per minute (60 wpm).
  • Do you know how to type?

typing  Can you type?

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May 15, 2013