To decorate is to change the appearance of an object or a place, usually for the purpose of making it look beautiful. This word is often used for rooms, homes, and buildings.

  • Renee likes to decorate her house for Christmas.
  • To decorate her living room, Linda bought a lot of antiques.*
  • Women usually take on the task of decorating their homes, but some men enjoy doing it too. (This sentence uses "decorate" as a gerund.)
  • Do you like to decorate your home?
  • They decorated their tree with lights and ornaments.

Christmas Tree This tree was decorated with ornaments and lights.

The word "decoration" is a noun:

  • Please don’t use that. It’s just a decoration.
  • Jennifer is very good at picking out decorations for her home.

A person who decorates homes and interior spaces for a living is called an interior decorator.

  • Brian works as an interior decorator.
  • The interior decorator chose to use gold and green for the conference room.
  • They hired an interior decorator to help them pick out furniture, curtains, paint, and wall paper for their home.

The word "decorative" is an adjective:

  • A large, decorative plate of fruit is in the lobby of the hotel.
  • Decorative lights make the streets of the city look bright.
  • The shutters on the house don’t open or close. They’re just decorative.

*antique: an old object, usually one that has value.

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November 26, 2013