The word "fund" is used when providing money for an important purpose.

  • They’re trying to raise funds for a new hospital. (In this sentence, "fund" is a noun.)
  • Funding was easy to come by for the project. (The word "funding" is also a noun.)
  • Philanthropists fund projects that they believe will help a community. (In this sentence, "fund" is a verb.)

In these sentences, the word "fund" is a verb:

  • The money in her bank account funds her college tuition.
  • Money raised from the sale of their house will help fund their retirement.
  • How do you plan to fund your retirement?

In these sentences, the word "fund" is a noun:

  • The couple clearly lacks the funds to buy a house at this time.
  • Some of the funds for the rail project will come from the federal government.
  • Where does that organization get its funding?
  • She puts ten percent of her salary into a mutual fund every paycheck. (A mutual fund is a collection of a stocks or bonds. Mutual funds are a popular form of investment for Americans.)

Note: Fundraising is a common activity for schools in the United States, and children often participate. Bake sales, for example, are very popular. Children or their parents bake cookies, cakes, pies, and other things and then bring them to school to sell. All of the money goes to the school or to the school organization that hosts the bake sale.

bake sale

They’re having a bake sale.

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November 6, 2013