Use the word "gender" when speaking about the differences among animals or people. A person is either male or female. This is an important word to understand when filling out application forms or forms for government agencies.


Sometimes the word "sex" is used in place of gender. What’s the person’s sex? What’s the person’s gender? These questions have the same meaning.

  • What’s the gender of the child?
  • The expectant parents asked the doctor not to reveal their baby’s gender.
  • It’s not legal in the United States to discriminate on the basis of gender.
  • Sometimes it’s necessary to segregate students according to gender.
  • Gender roles are changing. Now it’s not uncommon for a man to stay home and take care of the children while his wife works.
  • Many countries in the world struggle with gender equality.


Signs such as this indicate gender.

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November 7, 2013