(jep er dee)

The word "jeopardy" generally means danger, or there exists the possibility for a problem. The sentences below show how it’s used as a noun:

  • Their plans to go to Europe were in jeopardy because of the weather.
  • The bus driver put the lives of his passengers in jeopardy by texting while driving.
  • The future of the business is now in jeopardy because of highway construction.

You can alter the word order of the sentences above by changing "jeopardy" to a verb: jeopardize.

  • The weather jeopardized their plans to go to Europe.
  • The bus driver jeopardized the lives of his passengers by texting while driving.
  • Highway construction jeopardizes the future of the business.

Note: There’s a popular American game show called Jeopardy. Contestants answer questions on a variety of academic subjects. The questions are very difficult!

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This page was first published on November 10, 2016. It was updated on July 22, 2016.