The word "ability" is a noun that refers to the skills that a person has. What can he or she do? The word "ability" is related to the word "able."

  • Describe your abilities. (What are you able to do?)
  • She was hired for her abilities.
  • Tom has the ability to play music by ear.
  • The ability to speak two different languages well is a great accomplishment.
  • What does the coach think about Jose’s ability to play soccer after his injury?
  • The President is widely admired for his ability to manage a crisis.
  • Sandra lacks the ability to sing well. (She’s not good at singing.)
  • They have no ability to pay their bills this month.
  • His inability to get to work on time is the reason why he was fired. (Use the prefix "in" to negate this word.)
  • The company was criticized for its inability to fix the problem.
  • If you don’t have the ability to lift heavy objects, you can’t become a firefighter.

firefighter He’s a firefighter.

Note: The "t" in "ability" sounds more like a "d" than a hard "t."

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October 1, 2013