An unpleasant or worrisome sound is a noise. A noise can be soft or loud. Some people like noise, but most people dislike it.

In these sentences, the word "noise" is a noun:

  • Do you hear that noise?
  • There’s a noise coming from the refrigerator.
  • My car is making a noise around the engine.
  • What’s that noise?
  • A noise indicated a problem with the computer.
  • Noises coming from the attic scared everyone.
  • Some people like the music made by that band; others say it’s just a bunch of noise.

The word "noisy" is an adjective:

  • Rita says her house is too noisy. She needs to go to the library to concentrate on her homework.
  • A noisy child created a disturbance in the supermarket.
  • The kids were being way too noisy, so someone finally asked them to quiet down.

The words "noise" and "noisy" are confused by some students. Take this quiz to see how well you know the difference:

Directions: Choose noise or noisy to complete each sentence or question:

1. She’s making __________.

2. They’re way too __________.

3. What’s that __________?

4. A __________ in the room next door surprised us.

5. A __________ car drove down the street.

6. It’s too quiet here. I like a little __________.

7. The __________ outside is a jackhammer.

8. There’s a __________ coming from the refrigerator.

9. Some __________ people walked by our table.

10. Todd is a __________ eater. He has to learn to shut his mouth when he eats.

The answers are below:

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1. noise; 2. noisy; 3. noise; 4. noise; 5. noisy; 6. noise; 7. noise; 8. noise; 9. noisy; 10. noisy

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