The word "picture" /pik shur/ refers to some kind of an image, whether in the form of a painting, photograph, film, or video.

  • The children drew pictures of their favorite animals in their art class today.
  • A picture of a man wanted by the FBI appeared in the newspaper.
  • Would you mind taking our picture? (picture = photo)
  • That’s a beautiful picture!
  • Send me your picture in the form of an attachment.
  • Brad Pitt is appearing in a new picture titled "Fury."
  • Pictures of cats are a popular form of online entertainment.

When the word "picture" is used as a verb, it often means that a person uses his or her imagination to visualize something.

  • Can you picture yourself somewhere on a beach in the Caribbean?
  • Picture this: In ten years, you might be married with children and living in a house in the suburbs.
  • It’s very difficult to picture David as a doctor.
  • It’s hard to picture the two of them together as a couple.


Picture Book

Note: Americans refer to cinematic productions as "movies." This is the abbreviated form of "moving pictures." Over time, instead of saying to someone, "Let’s go see a moving pictures show," it became, "Let’s go see a movie." However, the word "picture" is still used within the film industry when taking about a movie or a film.

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This page was first published on October 16, 2013.