A person or a thing that is wicked is mean, evil, cruel, or corrupt.

  • A wicked king starved all the people of the village.
  • A wicked witch cast a spell on the young girl.
  • Hitler’s wicked plans resulted in the deaths of millions.
  • For his wicked crimes the man was sent to prison for life.
  • The ill treatment of the children was truly wicked and cruel.
  • Anyone who takes pleasure in harming another person is wicked.
  • With a wicked smile, the woman admitted that she killed her cat.

Sometimes, the word "wicked" is used as a form of slang to mean that something is cool or amazing:

  • That motorcycle is wicked. (I like and admire the motorcycle.)
  • The skate park has a lot of wicked jumps.
  • He sure plays a wicked guitar.
  • Oh man, that’s wicked!

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This page was first published on October 28, 2013. It was updated on October 30, 2016.