The word "capture" means to catch something or someone who has escaped or needs to be found. The pronunciation of this word is capture (cap shur).

  • The police captured the man who robbed the bank.
  • A little boy captured a butterfly with a net.
  • Whitey Bulger escaped capture for decades. (This sentence uses "capture" as a noun.)
  • His capture made national headlines. (This sentence uses "capture" as a noun.)
  • The United States captured Sadam Hussein after an exhausting manhunt.
  • It’s hard to capture a fish with your bare hands.
  • The woman was captured by a monster.

captured The monster captured her.

The word "capture" can also be used when taking photographs or using a video camera:

  • Marta captured her son’s graduation on video.
  • A cell phone does a good job of capturing images.
  • A camera captured the exact moment when the horse crossed the finish line.

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September 3, 2013