A gap is an empty space of some kind. It can be narrow (small) or wide (big).

  • The gap between the two cars was not wide enough to allow for another car to park there.
  • The boy can spit water through a gap between his front teeth.
  • When the dentist removed Bob’s tooth, it left a big gap.
  • A fire destroyed the store and created a gap between the buildings.
  • We drove our car through a gap in the mountain range.
  • The gap that exists between rich people and poor people in the United States continues to get larger.
  • I have a gap in my schedule tomorrow. I can meet you at that time.
  • A spark plug has to be gapped properly in order for it to work in an engine. (This sentence uses "gap" as a verb.)

spark plugs

Do you see the gap between the two electrodes?

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September 7, 2013