A lump is a small, raised area that indicates an injury or a problem. It’s similar to the word "bump."

  • John has a small lump on top of his head after falling off of his bike.
  • Martha felt a lump near her breast, so she made an appointment to see a doctor.
  • The yogurt had some strange lumps in it, so we didn’t eat it.
  • Jeremy got a lump in his throat while thinking about his dearly departed wife. (a lump in one’s throat = an emotional response, usually sadness)
  • This oatmeal is all lumpy. (The word "lumpy" is an adjective. It’s similar to "bumpy.")
  • Bob has taken a few lumps in his position, but he’s managed things well. (To take lumps is to manage difficulty.)

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September 27, 2013