A person or a thing that does not make a lot of sound is quiet. This word is similar to the word "silent."

In these sentences, "quiet" is a noun:

  • I need some peace and quiet.
  • The hotel promises peace and quiet for its guests.
  • The quiet of the night allowed everyone a good night’s rest.
  • We need some quiet here.

The word "quiet" is often used as an adjective:

  • This is a quiet neighborhood.
  • The store has been quiet all day. (quiet = low business activity)
  • We’re looking for a place that’s quiet.
  • Try to keep quiet. Don’t tell anyone what I said.
  • Keep quiet.
  • They have to be quiet in the library.
  • Be quiet!

You can also use this word as a verb:

  • Quiet!
  • Quiet, please.
  • Quiet down.

By adding an "ly" ending, the adverb "quietly" is formed:

  • She quietly left the room.
  • They’re working very quietly.
  • The company quickly and quietly went out of business.
  • He died quietly in his sleep.

a queit beach

On some days, the beach offers peace and quiet.

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September 17, 2013