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To give something or to volunteer (a proposal) is to offer.

These sentences and questions show how "offer" is used as a verb:

  • Can I offer you something to drink?
  • The woman hosting the party offered her guests some appetizers.
  • We offered to give the man a ride, but he declined.
  • A clothing company is offering Carol a job. She might take it.
  • Bob decided to offer some financial assistance to the local homeless shelter.

The word "offer" is often used as a noun:

  • They're going to make an offer on a house.
  • What kind of an offer are they going to make? (How much are they willing to pay and under what conditions?)
  • That's a very good offer.
  • The company made me an offer for a job, and I accepted it.
  • The XYZ Corporation made Dan an offer, but he didn't accept it. It wasn't a good offer.


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