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Paper comes from the wood of trees:

lumberjack paper mill paper
After a tree is cut down, it's sent to...
...a mill where the wood becomes...

In these sentences, paper is a noun:

  • Have you read the paper yet today? (paper = newspaper)
  • We're out of paper. We need to get more paper for our printer.
  • Most books are made of paper.
  • It's easy to recycle paper.
  • A contract is an important piece of paper.

You can do many different things with paper:

  • We use wax paper for cooking and food preparation.
  • Toilet paper is used in the bathroom.
  • Wall paper is used to decorate homes.
  • Tissue paper is used by children in creating school projects.
  • Wrapping paper is used for covering gifts.

It's also common to hear the word "paper" when describing important documents and work for business, government, and school:

  • All of their profits are on paper. (A profit or a loss isn't realized until something is sold.)
  • Mary signed some papers that finalized her divorce. (Notice that "paper" is a count noun in this sentence.)
  • Sumitra has a paper due tomorrow for a class. (a paper = an assignment, usually several pages long)
  • Our teacher assigned a 10-page research paper.
  • Several papers have been published documenting the decline of animal species around the world.

In these sentences, "paper" is an adjective or part of a compound noun:

  • Julio has a lot of paperwork to finish at his job.
  • Children like to work with paper mache in creating projects.
  • They also like to make paper airplanes.
  • The paperboy delivers newspapers on his bike.
  • I have a paper shredder in my office.


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February 23, 2013







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