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Use the word "erase" when removing something with the rubber end of a pencil. You can also use the word "erase" for chalkboards and whiteboards.

erasers These pencils have erasers.

simple past past participle
  • Rita erased her mistake.
  • You need to erase that and start over.
  • Don't erase your mistakes. Leave them on your paper so that you can see what you did wrong.
  • Could someone erase the chalkboard, please?
  • erase I'm erasing something I wrote on the whiteboard.

There are a few other things that can be erased:

  • I erased the videotape because it had something embarrassing on it.
  • Someone erased my old audio recordings on the cassettes.
  • Shayne wishes she could erase the painful memories she has of that night.
  • Don erased several inches from his waistline after going on a diet.
  • Do you know how to erase wrinkles around the eyes?

The noun form of this word is "eraser."

  • I need an eraser.
  • Use your eraser to correct the mistake.
  • The students who were caught throwing erasers around the room were sent to the principle's office.

Note: When working with digital information, we often use the word "delete" instead of "erase."


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January 30, 2013







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