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Breath is that which comes into and out of your mouth in the form of air. This word is a noun. It's often used within an expression.

  • Take a breath. (Relax.)
  • I need to take a breath. (I'm exhausted. I need a break.)
  • I'm out of breath. (I need to stop exercising or moving my body.)
  • The performance took my breath away. (I saw something really amazing!)
  • Everyone says she's a breath of fresh air. (She is interesting and pleasant in contrast to what is ordinary.)
  • That guy has bad breath. (The air from his mouth smells bad.)
  • I can see my breath.

cold breath He can see his breath.

Add the "less" suffix to form the adjective "breathless."

  • My grandfather was breathless after walking up the stairs. (He was out of breath.)
  • The performance left us breathless. (It was very good.)
  • I'm breathless. (I'm surprised.)


Notice the difference in pronunciation between the words "breath" and "breathe."

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June 13, 2013







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