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Ice forms when water drops below 32 degrees Fahrenheit or zero degrees Celsius. The word "ice" is usually used as a noun.

ice cubes ice cubes

  • Ice helps to keep things cold.
  • Do you like ice in your drink?
  • Jim likes to drink Pepsi with lots of ice.
  • Be careful! There's ice on the road.
  • Sandy put a bag of ice on her leg after she fell.

The word "ice" is often used with other nouns to form compound nouns (two nouns used together):

  • She likes to eat ice cream.
ice cream
  • He likes to go ice fishing.
ice fish
  • He's wearing ice skates He's ice skating.
ice skate
  • He has an ice pack on his head.
ice pack

The word "icy" is the adjective form of "ice."

  • The roads are icy this morning. (They're covered with ice.)
  • If the sidewalk is icy, you might slip and fall.
  • Mary gave the man an icy stare when he made an inappropriate remark.


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