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The word "material" is similar to the words "things" or "stuff."

In these examples, "material" is a count noun:

  • The teacher brought her materials to class. (She brought her things to class--books, handouts, folders, students' assignments.)
  • Stronger, more durable materials went into the construction of the new bridge.
  • Are these your materials? (Are these your things?)

As a noncount noun, "material" refers to the substance of something:

  • What kind of material is this?
  • They used flexible material to make the object.
  • This sort of material is rare on our planet.
  • The teacher covered a lot of material in class. (In this sentence, "material" is the subject matter or information.)

The word "materialize" is a verb. It means that something appears or becomes a reality:

  • New solutions to the problem have finally materialized.
  • The ideas they were working on never materialized.
  • Scientists are afraid that a new strain of the flu is materializing in Asia.
  • Information about the three kidnapped women continues to materialize.


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