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The word "quarantine" is used when a thing or a person is isolated from the general population due to a contagious disease or a potential problem.

In these sentences, "quarantine" is a verb:

  • The man was quarantined until he could receive proper medical treatment.
  • A passenger from the flight was quarantined because he was suspected of having avian flu.
  • The government quarantined the area as it feared an outbreak of disease.
  • The people were quarantined for 40 days in order to treat and contain their tuberculosis.

In these sentences, "quarantine" is a noun:

  • The man is under quarantine until doctors are sure that his disease is not communicable.
  • Living in quarantine is difficult if you are confined to a hospital building.
  • A ship was placed in quarantine because the U.S. government feared it contained invasive species of plants and animals.

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November 17, 2013







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