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The word "ever" is an adverb that refers to some action in the past, present, or future. This word is often used with questions:

  • Did you ever hear from the people who interviewed you for that job?
  • Did they ever have a chance to see the Statue of Liberty when they visited New York?
  • Have you ever eaten sushi?
  • Has your car ever given you any trouble?
  • Does Helen ever make it to work on time?
  • Do I ever snore while I'm asleep?
  • Does it ever snow in this part of the country?
  • Will Antonio ever ask his girlfriend to marry him?
  • Are they ever going to get their house painted?

You can use the word "ever" with the word "since" when marking a time in the past:

  • Ever since Tom went away to college, he has stopped shaving. Now he has a very long beard.
  • They've had problems with their car ever since they bought it.
  • Ever since she was a little girl, she has liked spinach.

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