To feel good about yourself is to feel confident. A confident person believes his or her work or abilities are good. The verbs "be" and "feel" are often used with this adjective:

  • Elvira is confident that she’ll get the job she applied for. She feels confident in her abilities.
  • Isak feels confident about his English skills.
  • The members of the team felt confident before the football game began.
  • The students who studied felt confident before they took the test. The students who did not study did not feel confident.
  • Lisa says she doesn’t feel confident about her doctor’s prognosis.
  • William is confident that he’s the right man to become president.

confident man

The word "confidence" is a noun:

  • She has a lot of confidence in herself.
  • Her confidence is a little overwhelming. (She’s a little too confident.)
  • Bill was brimming with confidence as he walking into the room.
  • Confidence is an important quality in a salesperson.
  • You should have confidence in yourself when you do anything.

The word "confidently" is an adverb.

  • He does his work quickly and confidently.
  • The speaker confidently addressed the audience.
  • Bill walked into the meeting confidently expecting he would make a sale.

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Try this exercise:

The words "confident" and "confidence" are often followed by a reflexive pronoun. See if you can figure out how to complete the following sentences:

  • 1. I feel confident about __________.
  • 2. You have a lot of confidence in __________.
  • 3. He feels confident in ___________.
  • 4. The confidence she has in ___________ is inspiring.
  • 5. We are confident in __________.
  • 6. You all need to feel confident about __________.
  • 7. They have confidence in __________.

The answers are below.

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Answers: 1. myself; 2. yourself; 3. himself; 4. herself; 5. ourselves; 6. yourselves; 7. themselves

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