There are a few different ways to use the word "drill." As a verb, "drill" means to repeat an action or repeat information so that it is memorized and learned.

  • The soccer coach drills his players on how to pass the ball.
  • The teacher drilled her students on spelling.
  • Firefighters are drilled on how to use CPR when a person isn’t breathing.

To drill, also means to put a hole into something.

  • Oil companies drill for oil.
  • A dentist drills decayed material out of a tooth.
  • A carpenter drills holes through wood when working on a construction project.

This word can also be used as a noun.

  • A power drill makes holes in wood and other hard materials.
power drill
  • A dental drill is used to removed decayed material from a tooth.
dental drill
  • Oil companies use a drill to punch a hole through the surface of the Earth. When oil is found, it’s extracted with a pump.
oil pump
  • Military exercises are also known as drills. A drill prepares a soldier for combat.
military drill
  • Schools have fire drills, tornado drills, and other emergency drills to practice for dangerous situations.
dire alarm

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April 4, 2014