To fret about something is to worry.

  • Tina frets about everything.
  • Henry is fretting over his grades.
  • You shouldn’t fret about that. There’s nothing you can do.
  • Don’t fret. We’ll figure out how to fix this.

This word can also be used as a noun:

  • The mother was so consumed by fret that she had a nervous breakdown.
  • The fret of more fatalities related to the ignition caused the automaker to order a recall.
  • The man’s fret soon disappeared when he realized the woman was pushing a bag of laundry in the buggy and not a baby.



A fret is also a part of the guitar that produces notes and chords.


  • My fingers are spread out over four frets.
  • In order to produce sound on a guitar, your fingers must be placed on the right frets.

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April 6, 2014