The word "loaf" refers to the form that bread takes when it’s baked in an oven. This is a loaf of bread:

loaf of bread

  • This loaf just came out of the oven.
  • Would you like a slice of bread from this loaf?
  • I bought a loaf of bread at the store.
  • Sheila bought three loaves of bread at the bakery.

The plural form for the word "loaf" is "loaves." Notice that the "f" changes to a "v."

The word "loaf" can also be used as a verb to describe lazy behavior:

  • She’s just loafing around the house today.
  • Darryl got fired for loafing off at work.
  • Stop loafing and do your work.
  • The team loafed through the second half of the game and lost.
  • Bob loafs through the school day and wastes everyone’s time–including his own. (The "f" does not change to a "v." when this word is a verb.)

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This page was first published on April 12, 2014.