Use the word "model" to describe a person or an action that provides a good example of something. This word can be used as a verb or as a noun.

  • A teacher models good behavior and good citizenship for his students. (verb)
  • A teacher should be a model for his or her students. (noun)
  • She models clothes.
  • She works as a model.
  • She’s made a career for herself in modeling.
woman model
  • He’s holding a model of a building that he designed.
  • He modeled it after a building he saw in Europe.

(model = imitation / imitate)

model building
  • You can go inside a model home to see the latest trends in home design. (This sentence uses "model" as an adjective.)
model home
  • He’s working on a model car.
model car

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April 13, 2014