Use the word "quality" to describe how good or how bad something is.

  • These glasses are of very low quality. (The glasses aren’t very good or they’re cheaply made.)
  • The quality of this fabric is plain to see. (It’s very good.)
  • This company is known for its quality.
  • It doesn’t make sense to buy things of low quality.
  • The quality of this furniture is poor.
  • The quality of this student’s work doesn’t meet the standards that are expected.
  • The quality of life in this city is very good.
  • It’s important to maintain good water quality.


We often use this word when describing a person:

  • He has many fine qualities as a worker.
  • What sort of qualities does a woman look for in a future husband?
  • His qualities make him well-suited to be a priest.

There’s also quality time. This is time that a busy person has available to spend with family and friends. The time is short, but it’s of very high quality. Vacations, special events, trips to the museum, and sports activities (among other things) are associated with this concept of "quality time."

  • Bruce makes sure he gets enough quality time with his family.
  • Sarah believes that quality time makes up for all those late evenings at work.
  • A vacation with one’s family is prime quality time.

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April 17, 2014